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Way back when we were drafting house plans to submit to the town for approval we were tasked with things totally unfamiliar to us (there were alot), for the purpose of this post, the heating system. I never really thought about alternatives, I only knew that every home I’d ever lived in or visited had a furnace. We were introduced to alternatives; geothermal, boiler, radiant, etc. I was like, what do you mean we don’t need to put in a furnace?? Turns out it was a huge space and money saver not to. Instead after much research we opted for radiant heating. To that point, our house is heated by radiant heating tubes that are connected to a central boiler that runs off of natural gas. These tubes run in zones throughout the floors in our house, both on the main floor and under the concrete in the basement. The great thing about having zones is we can heat rooms (zones) on a need to basis. It’s been a real cash saver for us.  Not to mention heated floors throughout the Canadian winters has it’s benefits! I dug up some pics from the installation.

Radiant heating installation

This is the installation of the radiant heating loops on the basement floor.

Cement truck pouring the basement floor

The basement floor was poured through our cold cellar.

Cement floor drying

This pic is after the floor was poured and leveled

Boiler installation

Here is the boiler before it was all hooked up. Yes, that little grey rectangle heats our house and our water!

This post although missing the fluff of decor is a lead into my next post!


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Hey all, sorry it’s been awhile. I’m just finishing antibiotics and feeling a whole lot better, now on with the post. We’ve put the soffits on hold due to cost and we’ve taken on the back door project. Not on the list for this year but a lot of begging goes along way! This one has been an eye sore both inside and outside the house for 3 years now so, I am thrilled that it is finally complete. Click here for a walk down memory lane to see the initial pics of the back door.

Here is how we managed to ignore it for 3 years (sorry the pic is so dark).

Plastic covering the back door

We sealed it off with vapour barrier!

Your probably wondering what was underneath? Well, take a look, it’s probably the reason we have ignored it for so long! Did I mention I hate scraping paint!

Inside back door images

Yuck… exposed brick, insulation, tar paper, vapour barrier, and years of paint!

When we gutted the house we noticed there was absolutely no insulation; construction at the time our house was built 1845 consisted of the brick wall and then plaster…. I shiver to think of the previous inhabitants living through cold winters in this house…. stoves, blankets, and possibly lots of baby making, LOL! And I guess the concept of a level didn’t exist either. Ok back on track, when we framed the wall we added another 5-6″ and straightened the wall but left the moulding with the thought that we would let the dry wall meet the moulding. Turns out not such a good idea, it looked horrible. So while Sam ripped off the top moulding and figured out the framing issues I proceeded to restore the transom at the top of the door. Lets just say back then they built stuff to last. Here is a pic of how the transom was constructed.

Window assembly

And the glass they used was super thin, so we ordered new glass.

Broken glass

After Sam framed the wall, we insulated, put up vapour barrier and then dry walled. I plastered the seams and sanded, I’m horrible at plaster work but at least the moulding hides most of it. He put in a pine insert on each side to even out the wall. We will eventually paint or stain it all but that is down the road. Check out my restored transom.

Backdoor Drywalled

Just the moulding left to put up and done! We now have a working door 🙂 and no more drafts.

Back door and hallway completed

The moulding is up and the light is finally at its proper height!

We did suffer one tragedy, my wardrobe became the victim. Now I’m even more motivated to find a replacement.

Cracked glass

Sam fell back on it while installing the moulding.

We fixed the outside as well. Scraped some more paint, filled the holes, sanded and stained it an opaque white. We added a storm window to the transom for insulation purposes. Just the sill left to paint but I love it! Check this one of the list 🙂

back door before and after

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We haven’t stopped the renos

It’s been too long since I last posted, we haven’t stopped the renos I’m just running on E… empty that is!
Every 3-4 months Sam goes away on business and I become a single parent for about a week. It usually takes me a week to convince myself that it will be quick and all will be ok. I’m in the middle of it now and wondering if I’m going to survive!  I have the most respect for single parents! I’m not sure what the difference is this time around but I’m pretty much out of energy, makes me think, age… or an active 2 year old? Regardless, last time Sam went away he came back to a list of things I had accomplished; I stripped baseboards, painted, caulked, did some sewing. This time around I’ve had really good thoughts;) paint the shed, paint the laundry area, sew… that would be a big 0 for accomplishments! With two days to go I better get some zzzzs so I can score some points. Once things get back to normal I’ll get back to regular postings and uploading gallery pics.

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