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Here is the update on where we are at. We’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment, all making good progress. By the way my body hates me!
First up, we decided in the spring that we would complete a room in the basement to give us some more space. Sam had already framed out the basement see the previous post here, so we ordered insullation and drywall and we were at it again.
Drywall and mudding a room
I gotta say I hate mudding drywall but I’m actually starting to get the hang of it! We painted and as you can see ran out of paint… but that can wait for another day! Thanks E for the wardrobe.
Paiting the room
Installed the door, LD look familiar?
Door to room
Here is a final pic of where the room is at, still lots to do but for now this works, guest room, and soon to be my sewing room!
Completed room with bed
Next up, we are still working on completing the stone facing around the house.
Grouting the stone facing
Back stone facing completed
Stone facing on the base of the addition
Sam closed the side of the deck and finally the south side of the house is finished!
Lastly the big push to clear the backyard, still underway but closer than we’ve ever been. We finally pulled the tarp off the wood pile and spread out the wood to dry. Maybe we can put some moulding up before the winter comes!
Pile of wood moulding
Here’s a close up of the moulding, not looking forward to scraping it all!
Moulding detail


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What do you get when you’ve got renos to do and kids to take care of? …. really late nights! The equation looks something like this, out of school + the baby sitter on vacation + mommy at home = the kids are out of wack! It’s crazy how kids need a routine.  As I sit here trying to write this post (I’ve been trying for the past 3 days now) with a screaming child at 11:30 at night!  Aside from the kids, we have gotten a lot done but not at all sure how Sam and I are still functioning? We’ve been doing the day trips with the kids (technically this is vacation time for me) which has been fantastic family time. Unfortaunately the deck is progressing at a much slower pace than expected. We have resorted to late nights, check out the pics…

I’m not all that big, it took alot for me to crank that wrench!working on the floorGotta love painting in the dark!painting the boardsDo you love the moon light?working on the front porch

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So, between the flea market for the morning outting with the kids, we some how managed to make an appointment to see a John Deer riding mower, grab a bike for our daughter and made another appointment to pick up an Ikea lounger that we can place on the front porch so I can be the noisy neighbour staring at the in and outs of people. Well I volunteered to wear a tank top, sit on the front porch with a “shotgun” and have an old dog lying right beside me but Kari said NO. So with that we pawned off the kids, drove to see the John Deer mower, came home to paint the porch posts, and then the most amazing thing happened while I was painting. A Honda Fit came by and low’n behold the 12.5 HP John Deer tractor was piled in the back. We also drive a Honda Fit and never in our wildest dreams would we think it would be able to fit that. So paint-done, John Deer mower-done, and Ikea lounger was for later-got it too. Oh, my scabby came off too!

What the hubby forgot to mention was that we live on almost a 1/2 acre lot, he has been mowing the lawn with a regular push lawn mower for over 2 years. So I can say the lawn tractor will free up some much needed time so hubby can work on the house!

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