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Here’s my attempt to put this all in perspective. Last I left off we were trying to close our building permit but got asked by the city to install our HRV system, here are 2 posts that link back to the topic, 1 and 2.

Now for the HRV system, we had to install this system in conjunction with our radiant heating system since we have no air flow/ circulation throughout our house. I know very little about explaining the specifics of an HRV so in general here it is on Wikipedia.

So over the course of 2 days we were up and running. Day 1 aluminum vent installation.

aluminum duct work in basement

Yes, the underside of our basement looks like ‘Frankenstein’ but we’ll deal with that another time…. bottom of the list!

Day 2, the system got installed and working, yeah! I was excited until I arrived home from work and realized that the unit itself was huge. Cancel my plans for that corner of the basement! The installers were nice enough to install a heater (the small metal square on the right side of the picture below), apparently this air flow system can make the air really cold, especially in the winter.

HRV unit

The pic before they added 2, 6″ tubes to vent to the outside. They attach to the circles you see at the side of the unit.

To accommodate the exhaust and intake vents leading to the outside, Sam ended up having to knock out some rock facing on the exterior of the house, if you remember the crazy rock cutting post then you will understand our frustration. One step forward 2 steps back, we will have to do cosmetic surgery on the exterior rock facing when the weather gets better!

So, our installation of the HRV is completed 🙂 We then had the city inspector come back to sign off, only to be told that the city now want us to insulate the entire basement before they will close our build permit! F#$%^, I am soooooo pissed off that I am pretty sure you can see flames shooting out from my head! So, were are we now…. well NO VACATION and 1600 sq. ft. of basement to frame and insulate! I can no longer write anymore of this post for fear that the cursing will begin and never end!


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