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Here is the update on where we are at. We’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment, all making good progress. By the way my body hates me!
First up, we decided in the spring that we would complete a room in the basement to give us some more space. Sam had already framed out the basement see the previous post here, so we ordered insullation and drywall and we were at it again.
Drywall and mudding a room
I gotta say I hate mudding drywall but I’m actually starting to get the hang of it! We painted and as you can see ran out of paint… but that can wait for another day! Thanks E for the wardrobe.
Paiting the room
Installed the door, LD look familiar?
Door to room
Here is a final pic of where the room is at, still lots to do but for now this works, guest room, and soon to be my sewing room!
Completed room with bed
Next up, we are still working on completing the stone facing around the house.
Grouting the stone facing
Back stone facing completed
Stone facing on the base of the addition
Sam closed the side of the deck and finally the south side of the house is finished!
Lastly the big push to clear the backyard, still underway but closer than we’ve ever been. We finally pulled the tarp off the wood pile and spread out the wood to dry. Maybe we can put some moulding up before the winter comes!
Pile of wood moulding
Here’s a close up of the moulding, not looking forward to scraping it all!
Moulding detail


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We are back at it again, not quite full steam ahead but, moving forward at a leisurely pace! We had one rain free day this past weekend so we decided to take a break from the basement, and start our long to do list of outside jobs. First up add the final touches to the stone work foundation around the base of the house. To get the restored look of a house built with a stone foundation we were advised to fill in between the rocks with white cement, its supposed to mimic limestone which was used when our house was originally built (1845). We got one wall done, only 3 to go. Here is the before pic.
Field stone foundation before
During the process our son asked to help, turns out he is actually really good at it!
Field stone foundation in progress
And the final completed wall. I’m hopefull that with time the shine on the rocks will come back.
Field stone foundation after

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