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Here is the update on where we are at. We’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment, all making good progress. By the way my body hates me!
First up, we decided in the spring that we would complete a room in the basement to give us some more space. Sam had already framed out the basement see the previous post here, so we ordered insullation and drywall and we were at it again.
Drywall and mudding a room
I gotta say I hate mudding drywall but I’m actually starting to get the hang of it! We painted and as you can see ran out of paint… but that can wait for another day! Thanks E for the wardrobe.
Paiting the room
Installed the door, LD look familiar?
Door to room
Here is a final pic of where the room is at, still lots to do but for now this works, guest room, and soon to be my sewing room!
Completed room with bed
Next up, we are still working on completing the stone facing around the house.
Grouting the stone facing
Back stone facing completed
Stone facing on the base of the addition
Sam closed the side of the deck and finally the south side of the house is finished!
Lastly the big push to clear the backyard, still underway but closer than we’ve ever been. We finally pulled the tarp off the wood pile and spread out the wood to dry. Maybe we can put some moulding up before the winter comes!
Pile of wood moulding
Here’s a close up of the moulding, not looking forward to scraping it all!
Moulding detail


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It’s been awhile since I last posted! Sorry, this is nothing more than a brief update as life has been overwhelming. I switched jobs 3 weeks ago and it’s really been my focus for the last month. Here is the house update. Last week Friday we finally got the verbal ok that our building permit will be closed, we are currently awaiting the paper work.

Simple right…. not so, not so. After we got the HRV system installed it was 3 weeks straight of working on the basement at the city’s request. We (mostly Sam) tar papered, studded, insulated and put up vapour barrier throughout the entire basement all 1600sq ft at a height of roughly 8ft, not happy campers at this point. None the less we were finished and ready for the inspector to give us the final ok….. it didn’t happen, he was unable to attend our appointment and instead sent a colleague, well the colleague then came back to us and said he could not sign off because he would like us to do some more! Well !@#$% that I had enough. Sam tried to talk to the supervisor but, there is something about a deranged woman on the other end of the phone listing in chronological order the hell the city has put us through for the last 3 years that might of had something to do with the fact that we are now awaiting the signed off paperwork! Whoot whoooo!!!

It’s like a breath of fresh air. Although we are still at it and will probably be for many years to come at least we can work at our own pace and just take time to breathe.

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Way back when we were drafting house plans to submit to the town for approval we were tasked with things totally unfamiliar to us (there were alot), for the purpose of this post, the heating system. I never really thought about alternatives, I only knew that every home I’d ever lived in or visited had a furnace. We were introduced to alternatives; geothermal, boiler, radiant, etc. I was like, what do you mean we don’t need to put in a furnace?? Turns out it was a huge space and money saver not to. Instead after much research we opted for radiant heating. To that point, our house is heated by radiant heating tubes that are connected to a central boiler that runs off of natural gas. These tubes run in zones throughout the floors in our house, both on the main floor and under the concrete in the basement. The great thing about having zones is we can heat rooms (zones) on a need to basis. It’s been a real cash saver for us.  Not to mention heated floors throughout the Canadian winters has it’s benefits! I dug up some pics from the installation.

Radiant heating installation

This is the installation of the radiant heating loops on the basement floor.

Cement truck pouring the basement floor

The basement floor was poured through our cold cellar.

Cement floor drying

This pic is after the floor was poured and leveled

Boiler installation

Here is the boiler before it was all hooked up. Yes, that little grey rectangle heats our house and our water!

This post although missing the fluff of decor is a lead into my next post!

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Until now I realized I have not posted any pics of the inside of our home! While we await some sunny weather so we can get to work outside, here are a few pics of what the interior of our house looked like when we first started working inside. We gutted the inside, and literally shovelled 4 bins full of home reno materials and crap… the racoons had made it their personal outhouse! Then cleaned…. cleaned…. cleaned and cleaned some more…. notice the lovely mould we acquired with the house. I remember some mould being colours I didn’t know existed. We repaired all the brick and mortar that was crumbling, then we tar papered, we framed, we insulated, we put up the vapour barrier, then hired someone for drywall! We did have help from family at this stage. We also salvaged as much of the original building materials as we could, doors, baseboards, reclaimed wood, even have a heat register I hope to one day restore. ImageImageImage

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I took a look at how our blog was progressing and realized that those of you who don’t know us must think we do this for a living, or that we are in the construction or home reno fields, this is so not the case and very far from the truth.

We are your average Canadian family; two working parents with two young kids. I work full time for a media company and commute into the city daily. My husband is a denturist and works for a variety of different people in his field, as well he is his own boss. In addition we both do the full time parent routine. We actually classify the house as our third job, or equate it to another life.

Most of the work on the house that you are seeing we have done through; research, online help and videos, rule/code books & guidelines, our local hardware store, neighbours, friends & family with greater knowledge and the most fun one…trial & error. Most of what we do on our own stems from the need to save and keep on budget.

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