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We are back at it again, not quite full steam ahead but, moving forward at a leisurely pace! We had one rain free day this past weekend so we decided to take a break from the basement, and start our long to do list of outside jobs. First up add the final touches to the stone work foundation around the base of the house. To get the restored look of a house built with a stone foundation we were advised to fill in between the rocks with white cement, its supposed to mimic limestone which was used when our house was originally built (1845). We got one wall done, only 3 to go. Here is the before pic.
Field stone foundation before
During the process our son asked to help, turns out he is actually really good at it!
Field stone foundation in progress
And the final completed wall. I’m hopefull that with time the shine on the rocks will come back.
Field stone foundation after


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This post is a continuation of Rock, rocks, rocks which you can find here. Sam finally got around to continuing the rock facing around our addition and unfortunately he ran out of cut rocks! Lucky for you guys you now get to see a pick of what the madness looks like!

Cutting rocks

He was not a happy camper! If there is any job that Sam absolutely hates its cutting rocks! A concrete saw rental and insurance from Home Depot and 3 hours of cutting rocks = back pain for days and some Robaxacet!

So while Sam was cutting rocks I had the daunting task of attempting to clean the yard, oh and our leaf blower died! What can I say it’s been a wonderful week!

backyard full of leaves

Raking leaves

On the bright side Sam never ever has to cut rocks again! Now he just has to finish facing one last side before the snow starts to fall!

stone facing back of addition

Stone facing side of house

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We are back at it, restoration full speed ahead….that and we only have about 3 months before the snow starts falling! A true sign of summer ending, the farmers have already begun to harvest hay!

hay rolls

we’ve had such a dry summer they harvested hay almost 2 months early!

Next up on the restoration list…rocks, rocks, rocks! This is one of those jobs we, I mean Sam (I suck at it), would rather not do but if he can get it done it means the piles of rocks and the excess cement from the chimneys piled around the yard will disappear! And that would make me really happy 😉

So, at the time our house was built (1845) it had a sone foundation, check out some of the original pics. As part of the restoration process we have to imitate just that. We decided to take the rocks from the original foundation and cut them (yes….cut rocks….who does that!) then cement them to the foundation and grout in between in white to mimic the limestone they used back then. Sam and his brothers spent many weekends doing what we termed ‘rock runs’, trucking rocks from the original location to our new location.

rocks piled in yard

The rock pile right behind the original dirt pile

We finished the stone facing around the house 2 years ago.

Original house stone facing

We still have the grouting left to do

And are now working on the addition.

facing the foundation with rocks

And this is where we are currently at

Not a nice job at all but love the character it add to our home.

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