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Here is the update on where we are at. We’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment, all making good progress. By the way my body hates me!
First up, we decided in the spring that we would complete a room in the basement to give us some more space. Sam had already framed out the basement see the previous post here, so we ordered insullation and drywall and we were at it again.
Drywall and mudding a room
I gotta say I hate mudding drywall but I’m actually starting to get the hang of it! We painted and as you can see ran out of paint… but that can wait for another day! Thanks E for the wardrobe.
Paiting the room
Installed the door, LD look familiar?
Door to room
Here is a final pic of where the room is at, still lots to do but for now this works, guest room, and soon to be my sewing room!
Completed room with bed
Next up, we are still working on completing the stone facing around the house.
Grouting the stone facing
Back stone facing completed
Stone facing on the base of the addition
Sam closed the side of the deck and finally the south side of the house is finished!
Lastly the big push to clear the backyard, still underway but closer than we’ve ever been. We finally pulled the tarp off the wood pile and spread out the wood to dry. Maybe we can put some moulding up before the winter comes!
Pile of wood moulding
Here’s a close up of the moulding, not looking forward to scraping it all!
Moulding detail


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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now but, like most things… excuses rule! Truthfully I needed to find time to do a before. I wanted to show you what the floor plan was like when we first acquired the house. So here it is, the original floor plan.

The original house floor planA bit dysfunctional for my liking. After months of gutting the house and physically walking and working in the rooms, it made more sense to us that we would require a more open concept living space for our lifestyle.  Thankfully my uncle is an architect and we enlisted his expertise. Initially we discussed what we would love to have and he took it from there.

Coming from a 1 bed, 1 bathroom condo in downtown Toronto our list was very short, we were just excited to not have neighbours and the space was more than we had. However I stress the word ‘MUST’ – MUST have 2 bathrooms, MUST have 3 bedrooms, and MUST not have the front door and back door facing one another (feng shui)!

He came up with the current floor plan that we now have and to this day we are living and loving it. What’s not to love when I get my own ensuite 🙂

Current floor plan

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Glad to be home is an understatement but one that seems fitting considering this is a house blog. I’m going to fill in the timeline to get you all up to speed. At the end of the summer, we completed our landscaping and I was working on getting our deposit back, well, not so easy when you are dealing with the government… they wanted us to plant yet another tree on the front lawn! So we obliged and the weekend before Sam left for work, there we were planting the tree at our usual moonlight hour.

Serviceberry Tree

Service Berry – Downy white

Next Sam flew out for work. Every time Sam flies out I think… I am in awe of single parents who work full time. I consider them super humans! I am so thankful that I only have to do it for weeks at a time. Sam returned on Monday we traded single parent status and I flew out for work on Tuesday! So, needless to say the house has been on hold. I thought I would share a few highlights from my trip.

I work for the home entertainment division of Paramount Pictures. I was attending meetings on the Paramount Lot in Hollywood, I know sounds glamorous, but I can assure you it’s only in the pictures! I will admit they have wonderful weather, it was nice to be in summer clothes;)

Paramount Pictures

We stayed at The Redbury Hotel @ Hollywood and Vine, I will admit it was a beautiful hotel. As I am always looking for inspirational decor, I snapped a few pics of the hotel.

I snapped this pic with my phone and thought… Love the feel of it, hummm wall art when I get to the decor stage!

The Redbury sign

The bed room – A collage of frames always a great way to fill a large wall or create a focal point! I must admit, the red walls did not allow for a good night sleep…or maybe it was the jet lag?



The Living area – Great space but the lights didn’t go any brighter! I wasn’t feeling the fabric on the chair! As the story goes, this hotel was originally slated for lofts or condo living but they couldn’t sell so, it became a hotel. The rooms were huge, complete with laundry and bigger than the majority of condos in downtown Toronto!

Living Room

And there is was in the foyer bathroom a piece that I fell in love with, the bath room sink! I will be on the look out for one of these, not sure I would know where to put it but, I love it!

And so after 4 days of ….5 hour plane rides, jet lag, 12 hour days, eating dinner at midnight I was toast and so ready to come home. Upon landing back in Toronto I was glad I had the forsight to do this…

Parking Post

f27…. by the time we landed my brain was mush, but I found my car 😉 I slept most of the weekend but did get started on a chore that will no doubt take us well into next month!

Bagging leaves

Happy to be home!

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