I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I have no excuses or tall tales. I’ve come to the conclusion that renovating, raising a family and working full time don’t leave much time for hobbies or interests. I do love blogging and would soooo love to be posting on a regular basis but my reality is sleep before dreams! One day this blog will rock but for now its just gonna have to be whenever I can find the time.

I’ve just survived March break with 2 kids, work, no baby sitters and no Sam! So in celebration here are some pics of Sam’s business trip.

Small plane on runway

Every time I see the size of this plane I get nervous!

Flying over a frozen river

A view from the window shows a frozen river below

Driving on an ice road

Frozen rivers are made into roads


So, where did we leave off with the house? We had the city inspectors come to discuss closing the building permit. Turns out we have to get our HRV (Heat recovery ventilation) system installed to close the permit! We were in the process of getting quotes and finally decided on a contractor today! So when I post next hopefully it will be about the system installation, XXX fingers crossed!

So, while we entertained quotes for the HRV we decided to finish up the ensuite. We mudded, sanded, caulked, sealed around the toilet, installed baseboards, lowered the sink cabinette and moved the sink closer to the centre of the vanity, changed the light fixture and painted.

caulked the toilet base

Clear caulking, goes on white and dries clear, love it!

Unfinished bathroom ceiling

We’ve lived with it like this for 3 year

before and after bathroom wall

left – sanded and painted, right – after

We chose a silver blue colour from Behr, 740E-3 Prelude. I gotta tell you this colour took a whole 2 minutes to choose (and we don’t ever agree on colour), it’s one of those ‘never in a million years’, moments so we ran with it. The squares/rectangles in the images are where I will eventually hang pictures. We chose a decal to add to the tops since our ceilings are so tall, it just helped to bring the space together.

bathroom sink

Main wall

bathroom wall

Wall to the left of the sink

wall over the toilet

I am looking for a cabinet/ shelf for storage

And of course one of my thrift store finds. Milk glass canisters with an art deco feel, now if I could just find matching toothbrush and soap dish holders!

Milk glass bathroom canisters



As cherry as the title of this post sounds, it’s anything but…. I’m in the “February funk” as I like to call it! It’s the middle of February and I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in ages. It’s rather cold and snowy here so I’m holed up in the office and at home, its pretty gloomy.

Check out the pics from last weekend’s snow storm, the news reported it’s been 5 years since we’ve seen this volume of snow in our area.

Start of the snow storm

Here is the start of the snow storm

A snowy backyard

End of snow storm with car burried

End of the snow storm

Here’s what the front of the house looked like the next morning.

Front of house with lots of snow

But the kids had a blast!

Kid playing in the snow

As for the house, we took the plunge and called the city inspectors to come take a look at our progress and check off our list of deficiencies. I had forgotten what a pain in the #$%^& it is working with them. He took no time at all to remind us that our permit to build the house is still open. So after 1hr and 20mins of inspection, he has requested that we install our air flow system before we can close our permit. Just more money at our expense and a new job not on our to do list has just been bumped to the front of the line 😦 Lets see how fast we can get this done, I’m now on a mission to get this permit CLOSED!

Building permit

And so back to the post title, it is Valentines Day so to all HAPPY ‘LOVE’ DAY! Spread it, share it, love it!

Kids valentines card and cookie

My little one baked heart cookies in class!

The February Funk combined with a rough day at the office = retail therapy on this day of love – brought on by my coworkers no less! So, I LOVE these shoes!

High heeles in Ruby Red

The colour is a bit off in the pic, its more red and for a whole $32, I couldn’t resist!

The living room

As per my prior post, up next the living room! Before I proceed, I gotta warn you the pics are full of the day to day mess of living and renovating… I thought about cleaning up but then figured I would never post a pic or write a post if I took the time to clean and sort first, so please excuse the mess!

Since the living room and kitchen are side by side and flow into one another and Sam had completed the banister it just made sense to paint the walls and complete the room.

Kitchen and Living room wall

Kitchen on the right and living room on the left, they sort of flow into one another.

I chose a neutral colour to help tie it together. I used the curtains in the kitchen as my starting point and pulled a brown from them.

I then went to home depot and found a Behr pre done colour combo card that matched the brown, makes life easy!

Behr paint swatch

Behr paint swatch

After painting the first wall with Brown Teepee 700D I realized that the space started to feel smaller so I changed the second colour from the darker colour on the card to lighter Oyster W-B-720, for the remaining two walls.

Living room wall

We finally got to put up family pics, they have been in boxes for 3 years! Lots more to go but this is a good start.

We also completed a project that has been half finished for years. We started with 3 of these inexpensive Ikea wood dressers, painted them white, attached them together, placed a piece of our old sofit across the top, sanded and stained and bought new knobs, voila! The chest of drawers is only 11″ deep so it fit perfect on the ledge beside the stairs.

rast--drawer-chest__25877_PE057109_S4Top railing of stairs

In our living room we have a nook which we designate the office, it’s to the left of the TV in the pic above. I finished scraping the window frame and Sam put it up, what a difference the moulding detail makes. The window treatment is still being debated!

Window with trim

We can’t fix the back part until the summer when we can pull the window out completely! We also have to fix a broken pane of glass, hooray for tuck tape. It’s quite drafty!

Small office

I know you love the mess!

We painted the back hall as well since it’s all connected. I caved 😦 I was looking for the perfect antique piece but couldn’t deal with the mess so we bought an Ikea wardrobe, they had the bedroom event so we got 15% back in gift cards, I couldn’t resist! There wasn’t much choice at Ikea for what we needed; shallow depth, tall and sliding doors, so I went modern and clean, white, white and white!

Back hall 2013a

This is just to give you a location perspective

Back hall 2013b

We took a walk to Home Sense (love this store) and look what I found! What are the chances that it was the same colour as our walls?? One of those things that I felt was just meant to be, and inspirational too! One piece of wall art down, only 4 more to go!

Wall art with text

Inspirational wall art!

Up next, we are painting the front hall.

We are on the move and I think it is safe to say I see the light emerging at the end of what has been a very long (endless, really) tunnel.

Sam and my dad installed our new hood vent so we were able to finish painting the kitchen (this link is where we left off), hooray! I should probably add that the vent has been sitting in the basement for about a year! I can’t even refer you to where I bought it from because, its been so long I don’t even remember. All I can say is I bought it on line at a steel of a deal $450 with shipping included and it came from the west coast, British Columbia.

Hood vent over the stove

Excuse the mess on the counters!

We also painted the east wall in the kitchen. I’m now currently on the hunt for artwork for our kitchen walls! I never thought I would see the day…. I finally get to decorate 🙂

Kitchen east wall painted grey

After the kitchen we proceed to work on the next room in line… the living room! Remember those stair posts we picked up at the antique store back in the summer, you can check it out here. And if you want to see the original pics you can click here.


This is a top view looking down with the old temporary banister removed.

Stairs with back wall in place

We opted to create a half wall at the back of the stairs to separate the office area.

As you know I hate plastering drywall, but I’ve found a way to make it look decent, lots of thin coats over many days!

Top railing of stairs

Just the painting and staining left to do.

Sam did an amazing job considering the posts were not new when we got them, I love it! Even better, the kids can now walk down the stairs!


The top rail and the threads on the stairs will be stained dark walnut to match the floors… in the summer when we can open the windows!

Oh and we finally got our posts in the basement welded, we called in the professionals.

Welding post plates

We are exhausted but feeling good about the progress, more on the living room in the next post….

So where have I been??? Well, I had high hopes on the reno front for the holidays, turns out I was dreaming! For those of you looking for home reno stuff, you’ll have to wait until the next post, this is really a catch up post.

Can you guess what I did instead? Work got really busy so I ended up working through most of the holidays 😦 but, I was determined to have a good time regardless. If I wasn’t going to get much done on the home front I figure I might as well get in all that I can for the holidays…. Mission accomplished, I got sick around New Years to prove it! I must confess I started my 2013 goals before the new year began; getting out more and doing/ trying new things, spending time with family and friends, and getting healthy!

To start things off, my girlfriend and I found a Buytopia deal for a beginner Cake decorating class at Sugar Tiers, so we ventured to try something new, had a blast! Check out the cake I decorated.

Cake Decorating

Next up, I got to attend a live taping of the Marilyn Denis Show during her 10 days of giveaways, what a treat that was. You can check out the show here, we were lucky to have had a double day of giveaways so we got the pet and baking gift guides, click on those titles to see the actual show.

Marilyn Denis Set

Trying to get it all home had its challenges! And ahhh the gift that made my holidays, a Kitchen Aid Mixer in raspberry pink in support of breast cancer. It’s a beauty to look at and use as well 😉

10 days of giveaways

Kitchen Aid mixer

I had wanted to decorate the house more for the holidays but it never happened, but we got the tree up early and did a couple of holiday crafts with the kids.

Christmas Tree with Kids

Gingerbread House

Marshmallows covered in chocolate

Sugar rush, marshmallows covered in chocolate!

And we took the kids away for some much-needed family time to Great Wolf Lodge, we all had an amazing time.

Great Wolf Lodge

Kids in front of christmas tree

Ginger Bread House at Great Wolf

Mr adn Mrs Clause with Kids

And they got to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Clause inside the gingerbread house

We tacked on a trip across the border to the US and ate at The Olive Garden, a tradition for us since there are no more Olive Garden’s in Canada!

Dad and daughter eating

It snowed here over the holidays so we spent a fair bit of time out in the snow.

Girl making a snow angel

Lauren’s first attempt at a snow angel

The only thing I managed to accomplished on my list for the holidays was sew Lauren a tutu skirt! Check it out, all I can picture is Madonna!

Girl in tutu skirtWishing you all a Happy New Year filled with happiness, health and prosperity:)

I’m excited for the holidays. Yesterday was my last day at work until the New Year! Hooray, where  to begin…more time to work on the house, spend time with family, decorate for the holidays (we are decorated but not nearly as much as I would like to),  write more meaning full blog posts, sew… the thoughts are endless, let’s see how far we get!

But first a quick post before we head out the door for a quick family getaway. We’ve been working on our Master bedroom, we had finally got closet doors in the last post. For this post,our ‘bedhead’ is complete! This has been a much discussed topic for awhile now, finally a reality and I love it, good job hubby!

We started by using 2×4 lumber to create the frame.


Remember those temporary tongue and groove pine floor boards we had on the front porch, well we repurposed them in our head board.


Once compete, it got intserted int the frame.

Back frame

Here is a closeup of the back assembly. We used wood strips to assemble the floor boards, helps keep them together.

Back closeup

We attached the headboard to a standard metal bed frame using 4 carriage bolts. We painted the boarder white as the back wall will eventually be a colour. The inset will get stained in the spring and we will add a top cap or crown moulding.


And here is the final bed. Now that we have a headboard I wonder how come we never had one before, feels like our bed was missing it’s clothes!


So, at long last we have received our deposit back from our landscape plan. It’s been 3 years in the making and a summer of back breaking work and lots of sweat! You can take a look back at the summer landscaping here, here and here. Sadly it’s in the bank to pay the mortgage, right back to were it came from 😦


I’m soooo HAPPY that this part is completed, but I’m over it, we’ve moved on… more work to be done!

We are still scraping moulding, but we’ve moved on to baseboards. We’ve stuck in some smaller projects along the way that have been on HOLD just so we don’t loose our minds, that and your hand starts to vibrate involuntarily when you scrape soooooo much paint!

Here are the

ClosetNOdoors ClosetDoors