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Just a post to inform all of you that we have had to pull out of being in doors open. It sad for us as we have been prepping all summer to complete as much as we could, with the knowledge that we were working towards a date when we could share our story with others.
The city sent us forms to fill out one of which was a liability waver, here is part of it….”Each participating site must ensure that they have adequate public liability and property insurance to open their site to the public. The onus is on the site owner to verify whether their existing insurance coverage is adequate, or whether they will require additional coverage. As circumstances may vary from carrier to carrier, it is important that each site works directly with their insurance provider to determine whether adequate coverage is in place.”
So we contacted our insurance company to inquire. To make a long story short, turns out that doing something like this raises a flag to insurance companies which in turn could lead to higher premiums.
That said, we are passionate volunteers but not at the expense of higher premiums!
Sorry all, in anycase if at any time you’d like to stop by for a peek you know our doors always open, just drop us a line.

P.s. I should mention that other houses will still be participating so check those ones out.


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1 week hiatus

Ok fellow bloggers we are on a bit of a hiatus because of work, you know, making money to spend on this house. I just came back from my business trip and basically passed the car keys to Kari because she’s going to LA for her business trip. But for your viewing pleasure during our little pause in our house reno’s, I have some pics for your enjoyment ūüėĬ†Halloween themed.

Oh Dora was not “contento”

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We are back at it, restoration full speed ahead….that and we only have about 3 months before the snow starts falling! A true sign of summer ending, the farmers have already begun to harvest hay!

hay rolls

we’ve had such a dry summer they harvested hay almost 2 months early!

Next up on the restoration list…rocks, rocks, rocks! This is one of those jobs we, I mean Sam (I suck at it),¬†would rather not do but if¬†he can get it done it means the piles of rocks and the excess cement from the chimneys piled around the yard will disappear! And that would make me really happy ūüėČ

So, at the time our house was built (1845) it had a sone foundation, check out some of the original pics. As part of the restoration process we have to imitate just that. We decided to take the rocks from the original foundation and cut them (yes….cut rocks….who does that!) then cement them to the foundation and grout in between in white to mimic the limestone they used back then. Sam and his brothers spent many weekends doing what we termed ‘rock runs’,¬†trucking rocks from the original location to our new location.

rocks piled in yard

The rock pile right behind the original dirt pile

We finished the stone facing around the house 2 years ago.

Original house stone facing

We still have the grouting left to do

And are now working on the addition.

facing the foundation with rocks

And this is where we are currently at

Not a nice job at all but love the character it add to our home.

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So today happens to be Friday the 13th, my wife happened to change the header on this blog site with the creepiest picture of the house.  Next thing that happened on this crappy day was that the flooring for the front porch never happened.  So now we have to sit on a unfinished porch for 2 weeks until our order comes in from our local lumber yard, that and we have been assuming certain little things of a project would have been done in good faith but lesson learned, you need a detailed estimate from your contractor.

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